Tuesday, 1 September 2009


feels no different..
However.. I'm going to see if I can try/do 20 things before I turn 21..
We can see..
I'm trying to make a list of these 20 things.. I definately have 2 of them in the bag..

1. Give blood
2. Get a tattoo
3. Find my phone!!
4. Decorate my room
5. Visit my Grandparents, on my own
6. Write a short story
7. Get a bicycle
8. Start driving lessons
9. Pay off my laptop bill
10. Grow my nails
11. Grow my hair (sort of)
12. See The Gentlemen!!
13. Go to Thorpe Park!!
14. Do something great for New Years
15. Take Sophie & James to the zoo
16. Get a new hobby
17. Make a dress
18. Bake a large cupcake.. Bigger than my face..
19. Learn to speak French more fluently
20. "Tip" a waiter

That's all for now..
I'll be donating blood tomorrow.. That'll be one off the list!

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