Saturday, 27 February 2010

I didn't realise that Alice In Wonderland was out in the cinema on Friday?!!!!!!!!
Cheque day's only in 2weeks! I want to go watching it next weekend!!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Non The Wiser..

Yet my jaw feels stuck, like it need a oiling, all due to the fact that I have wisdom teeth coming through..
They were'nt so painful last week, just "Oh, I feel a tooth/ a couple of teeth coming through"..
But now, it feels like I have to prise me jaws to open my mouth, and push hard to clamp it shut..
Achey ache!
Hadouken! on Wednesday.. Woooooo!

Friday, 5 February 2010


It quite clearly is too..
Including "Charlie Bit My Finger", the Ninja Kitty, the fat man dancing to single ladies, the Stormtrooper and many, many more. Accompanied my the song that I posted to video of earlier this week.
Happy Friday guys! :)

..And of course, who can forget?!!.. the video that made OK Go pretty huge..
AND!! The phenominal Lasse Gjertsen!

Wow!! This is my 100th post too!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


I know I've been abit "afar" the past few weeks.. maybe months actually after happenings post moving and post birthday.
But I'm back on track I'd say.. Back to where I was, say, 18months ago.

In love with my job, my family, my friends. My whole life is pretty great currently.. Minus the snow. I love it, don't get me wrong, just not when it includes walking up Ladies Lane three times a day.. It'd be fine if it was happening on a Friday evening, Then I could get up extra early one Saturday and do something with my day.. Maybe make snow angels, walk to the "RABBIT ROCKKKKSSSS!"?. Ha! Rabbit Rocks..

I'm no longer angry. I've apologised.
He's not.
Just goes to show really doesn't it.
I'm the hero of this story.

I've come out stronger and a lot, lot more wiser.

However. A lot to look forward to this month!
Tomorrow it "Heart For Haiti" at Manchester Apollo. I'm strongly looking forward to this..
And Sunday, hosting Scott's baptism celebrations.
Then I get a week of peace, then it gets CRAZILY filled!!
15th: Girls' evening in at Lynne's from work.
17th: Toni's 22nd at a lovely Tapas bar.
18th: Lady Gaga with Toni, Markie and one of his friends.
24th: Hadouken! at Manchester Academy.

I'm sure there's other things in between all of this.. But I can't think of them at this moment in time.

I shall leave you to dwell on other thoughts and dream sweet images.
Love you.