Friday, 11 December 2009


Spoke to a close friend just moments ago. I'm not best mates with this guy, but he's been close to my heart the past 18months. Had a good catch up about my new job, his recovery and how working for the company is now I'm no longer there. He said "Describe today in one word for me. Above is what my answer was.

I have shuffled about all day instead of walking. This is because, last night (I think I would've learnt by now not to do this) I went over on my ankle, because it was numb due to me sitting the way I usually do, with one leg underneath me and it going all dead on me. Great. But..
Not only did I go over on my ankle, I then grabbed the banister to stop myself from falling (but it was too late), making me put all my weight onto the foot, my ankle then buckled from underneath me and landed on the outside of my foot, and very nearly headbutted the banister.
It's now all sprained, bruised and swollen. And walking up to Pennygate twice (I asked Jean to do the morning's run because of the "fankle") didn't do it much justice..
So soaking it, painkillering it and tubigripping it and hopefully I'll be okay to wear heels tomorrow!
Rob better show up tomorrow. Or else!

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