Saturday, 30 January 2010


Oh my word!
The past two days, have been hil-bloody-arious!!
Friday, Jean & I were attempting to guess the delivery driver's name and she guessed "Alan". Well. We both looked at each other and did this.. We were crying with laughter for hours!!

Then today was stock take at work.. I've experienced this in my previous job, where the "stock takers" get under your feet.. Well they do in this job too, with a shop full of customers.. During which a Karate instructor comes rushing in, suited in the whole "black belt" attire, demanding for plasters as a kid has cut his finger.. Shouldn't they have a first kit on hand anyway? Or are we just a walk-in first aid service. We kind of are.

Toni then kindly met me at work where she asked for genital wart treatment.. Awkward much? Then we ate night old Chinese with egg fried rice with tea, then Markie came over to cut Toni's hair (which looks fittt!!), had a HUGE family dinner with the Maidens-plus.

Then Mark & I drove back to mine, ate ice cream, watched Employee Of The Month, attempted to break wood, started a fire and more or less put the world to rights.

I'm happy how this week's panned out. Very happy.

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