Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Worthy Of A Blog..

I cycled.. To and from work today!!
Very, very tired!! And saddle sore!!

Also!.. I got my paycheque finally!
I passed my Counter Assistant exam, received my certificate and badge. Yes, a BADGE!!
Therefore, I'm getting a pay rise next month(ish).
Therefore, I'm being put forward to do my Dispensing Assistant course and exams around May.
And.. Vicky goes on Maternity Leave mid April, which means someone needing to be in on Saturdays.
Therefore, When she goes on Maternity Leave, I'm getting my Wednesday 9-2 swapped to a permanent Saturday 9-2.

It's all fun fun!!..

P.S.. Pictures of my awesome Coca-Cola bicycle and my awesome "Qualified Medicines Counter Assistant" badge will be up when my camera'll fit in my bag!!
Can't cycle with anything too big!

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