Saturday, 3 April 2010


Since I became totally independent.
Aren't you proud?!!
This time least year we were unpacking cardboard boxes and bags of clothes into, what was then, an empty room.. Now it's just full of clothes and books and I should really tidy it up.
Last night was fun.. Did a last minute get ready, go out, drink cocktails and Jack Daniels with Jemma.. I'm out tonight. Again. As Saturn ;) I'm excited. And I will possibly get to share sleeping quarters with Dave the dog again. Lucky me.
I went to GoApe! yesterday morning.. Ohhh it was so much fun!!
I may look into booking it for my 21st is people would be up for that? Something different? Then spend the rest of the day up at Rivington barn??
Here's a pre-preptalk picture!!..

Soooo attractive!!

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nikki said...

Yes, we are very proud of you. Proud of the way you have matured into a wonderful young woman. Proud of the way you have held things together when it didn't go to well. Proud of the fact you picked yourself up, brushed yourself off and started again. Proud of the fact that when you jump out of bed in a morning satan shouts, "Shit, she's up!" Love you xxxxx