Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A Well Earned Update!

So I haven't blogged since I've been back from my travels..
Ireland was lots of fun, and plans for the US late November 2011 is looking very promising. I have a great group of people out there who'll I'll be hanging with..
I previously posted their video here.. The chick Shannon is awesome, so friendly..
And Jacob the bassist, is like the male version of me.. It's very strange but they're both up for helping me out on where'd be cool to stay etc. etc. I m much looking forward to it.
A few people are convinced that once I go, I won't come back. I will keep options open.. I'm only going for a break, for something different. Who knows what'll happen? I for sure don't! Only one person does, and he'll let me know somehow!

1 comment:

silverpistola said...

Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaach! You can't leave us, not even for Burky!