Thursday, 20 August 2009

Just A Quick One..

To say that the most amazing person had lost everything to him in the early hours of this morning.
He popped in to see me this morning and beckoned me over to him, I was just about to make a phone call, but I held it off..
"My Wife died this morning" and he sat down and burst into tears, blew his nose and wiped his eyes.
I was genuinely shocked and upset at the fact he was heartbroken.
I went to sort out his things and had to compose myself I was that upset.

I sent him a card this afternoon.

It's amazing how someone you've never met, can make an impact on you. I never met his wife, but dealt with her things..

She seemed an amazing person.

She would've been 78 on the 28th..

I'm going to get a price for the image, on the last post, in colour. I'm looking forward to it.

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