Tuesday, 10 November 2009


AND IT'S IN CAPITALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I boarded the 715 bus, ran by Maytree Travel in the evenings, towards Bolton, which passes my house, as I was in desperate need of the toilet and wouldn't have been able to walk it..

Now.. There's a new lady at the shop across the road from my house and she doesn't know how to use the gas/electric/paypoint machine, which processes my SystemONE Buspass..

She accidently typed "URQ" (the start of my surname) in the "Membership number" area of the pass, instead of my 7digit number.. Now it's happened before, but I didn't mind, the bus drivers don't look at that, just the expiry date (which sometimes I forget to check).. Except tonight.. I had my bus pass confiscted!!!!!!! I've never, ever had anything confiscated before!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH The same driver annoyed me last month because it was in an "Arriva" self-adhesive wallet instead of a SystemONE walllet one..
Now I have to pay to get to work tomorrow as he's taken my photo I.D. Card too..
What a great week I'm having!!.. Walking to Pennygate Medical Centre three times a day, and having to walk home fast due to the closeness of peeing oneself, on the phone ranting to mother.

Wait till Rob hears this drama!!

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