Tuesday, 17 November 2009

I have manflu

And a bad case of it it is!
Day Nurse doesn't seem to be working, my throat is sore, I have a fat headache.
I am sat on my old bed in my old room, with my Sister's possesions, using her laptop. The white keys are covered in a "burnt orange" residue. Due to when my sister gets ready in the morning, she blows her bronzer brush.. OVER her laptop! Why would you do that? That's new to me..

I only did two trips up to Pennygate today.. I'm all sniffley.

Rob's meeting me when I finish work tomorrow and coming back to my Mother's with me for tea.
But I have to be back in Whelley before 18:00 before McColls' shuts, as when I went today, the lady who said she'd issue me a replacement pass with the last one being invalid (stupid maytree travel!) She's in tomorrow after 12:00, which is the reason I'm at my Mother's having no busfare for work tomorrow and work being 5mins across the field, I'll have to go before they shut.

Ah. Awaiting a phonecall to update Rob about February/March, then sleep time. I'm looking forard to only leaving the house at 08:55 in the morning!

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