Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Roberto is 21 today & I can't find any (decent) wrapping paper for his present.
I don't know whether it's what he wants.. But I think he'll appreciate it. I hope he does!

Since Sunday evening, All I've done is watch Frasier, play darts, eat, drink red wine, sleep, watch The Big Bang Theory.. Until midday yesterday. I'm turning into a slob.

I can't wait to start my new job!
I have Margaret's retirement meal this evening with the rest of the Lees' crew..
I'm excited & I can't wait to wear a dress!

And tomorrow is a big Bonfire at Robert's Nan's.. I get to meet the other members of his family.

Friday, I'm looking forward to a Caffe Nero lunch with Toni, even though Tony's transferred to the Bolton branch now forever.. Eeeeeeee.

It's all good :)

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Toni Ellen said...

I was in Nero today for a couple hours and Tony came in!!!