Saturday, 7 November 2009


I have a wonderful embarrassing story for you all to laugh at..
(more so than the one Toni brought up over coffee in front of Rob and Kyle in Caffè Nero yesterday..)

So yea..
I attended a 21st Birthday party yesterday evening with Rob and his friends & I wore my favourite blue heels..
After his sister and his friends all taxied into Wigan, we decided to leave and have a good cup of tea at mine. Only, I'm not so good walking long distances, in the cold, in the rain, with any form of heels on.
I went over on my ankle a couple of times.. Rob wanted to get a taxi back to mine, I insisted on walking.. It took us half an hour.. & I've badly grazed my right knee..
Badly. We were walking home and all of a sudden, I was knelt on the floor, Rob was laughing, I was laughing.. and 10minutes later and a little closer to home.. all my leg was covered in blood, Rob freaked out, I just mopped it up with my cardigan.
Oh it was funny looking back at it.
Finally when we got in, Rob made brews and I cleaned my leg up..
A fun evening for all..
When I take my dressings off, I'll post a picture ;)

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